Saturday, March 2, 2019

Open Educational Resources Commons

Recently, I came across a very interesting search engine. Usually, when search engines come to the mind of people, they think of Google. However, search engines like Google simply search through a large portion of the web. On the other hand, some companies actually build search engines that delve into more specific fields, where only specific results related to a specific topic are found. The Open Educational Resources Commons is like that search engine that only searches of online educational tools! The best part about this search is that it searches through open-sourced resources where anyone can use for free, as long as it is for educational purposes.

The OER Commons website provides resources for both authors and those seeking for useful resources. For those who are seeking to expand their audience or to simply help other educators, they can upload lessons or modules onto the website free of charge. 

For educators who are seeking resources for their classes, the search engine provides a plethora of lessons from science topics to social studies! 

An example:

Let's say you were a high school teacher and you've been swamped with meetings the last three weeks! You don't have enough time to create class material for tomorrow's lesson about Kinetic Molecular Theory because you also have 50 exams to grade at the same time. The OER Commons can be a lifesaver because here you can find class materials that are open for your use!

When you click on the "view resource" button, it links you to a Google Drive with files for worksheets and directions. Everything is pretty much prepared! Click here to check out how it works!

Sometimes, preparations for a class is too time-consuming or you simply need an idea or comparison by looking at an example to create your own resources. The OER Commons should serve as your number 1 stop for looking at resources because it is free to use and covers a wide variety of subjects.


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