Sunday, September 16, 2007


"Quality Generic Education is the Answer" received many great reviews.

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QGE=A Quality Generic Education is the Answer to the Question: How is the best education offered at the lowest possible cost by Win Straube (University Press of America, 224 pages)

Education, according to Win Straube, is the "largest industry in the world," yet has proven time and time again to be woefully inadequate. A projected one in three students in the graduating class of 2006 will fail to graduate with their class this year. Even with this alarming statistic we still are finding that many young people who do graduate are "virtually illiterate." The prospects for the future of our young people, and conversely for our country, are bleak indeed.

In the 21st century the face and pace of education are ever evolving. Many have dubbed the current educational era the "Knowledge-Age." A flurry of discussion and debate on the topic has emanated from those who prefer the home based school to those ensconced in the elite ivied halls of academia. There is one man, however, who appears to have been for some time on the cutting edge of these deliberations. This man, Win Straube, author, entrepreneur and educator in his own right, shares with us his philosophical and practical considerations on education in his new book, QGE=A Quality Generic Education is the Answer to the Question: How is the best education offered at the lowest possible cost. In his easy conversational style Straube tells us how it is, how it was and ponders his hopes and vision for the education of future generations . . . the dream of an equal, affordable, quality and globally accessible education for all.
In QGE the author, an educational "user" himself, explores and explains:

  • Distance education and the "Electronic Learning Revolution"
  • How every qualified individual can have his or her chance for a quality generic education at little or no cost
  • How any student can receive an education at any time or in any place
  • How accreditation and global standards can be achieved to insure a level playing field for all
  • How you too can also join in the new educational evolution and revolution in your own personal quest for enlightenment in Knowledge-Age of today

I enjoyed this book without becoming enmeshed and bogged down by polysyllabic words I sometimes run up against in many educational tomes and easily understood the message the author wished to convey to his readership. The message of a quality generic education is not intrinsically a light topic, but with the author's town meeting approach one can easily ponder and grasp the enormity and complex issues he wishes to convey as easily as one can pick up the phone and dial up for pizza. Instead of picking up the phone, you might want to pick up this book today and invest in your future. --Editors Review

Reviewed by: Heather Froeschl

I have been an advocate for my children’s education and I will continue to be, despite being labeled by some teachers as “the problem parent” of the classroom. If that is what it takes to be involved, then so be it. Win Straube encourages parents and educators alike, as well as every citizen, to become more involved in our nation’s children’s education, in our own education, and subsequently, in our nation’s future. In his book “QGE=A, Quality Generic Education is the Answer” readers will be inspired to find ways in which the best education can be offered at the lowest possible cost.
Is this book relevant to every United States citizen, regardless of their being a parent, teacher or student? Absolutely. We are all parts of the main cog system and we all have the power to make positive change. So what is Quality Generic Education? It is identical quality to “brand name” education that is universally applicable, available to all, and not ideologically directed. In short, it means that an education garnered from a state university would be of equal value to one from Harvard. I can hear the gasps of disbelief at such a notion, but I am all for such a concept to become a reality. How can it? Straube knows about education, and he explains it all very nicely. Read the Full Review


Reviewed by Debra Gaynor for Reader Views (11/06):
Win Straube addresses the issue of delivering a quality generic education. Quality education is one of the most important issues facing United States and the whole world. Learning should not stop when we reach a certain degree, age or point in our lives. Learning should be a lifetime goal. “Life can be, and ought to be, an ongoing learning process with more and more enriched knowledge as we progress.” Unfortunately, some people believe there is no need to continue learning.
“Win clearly sees that certain established educational systems, while quite effective within certain domains, are deficient and inappropriate responses to the larger educational crisis we are facing. Win sees that technology has advanced to the point where it might become the great equalizer by providing the opportunity to access quality education from anywhere, at any time, for any purposes.” Read the Full Review