Saturday, June 20, 2015

Learning a Language Made Easy

When you first hear of  Rosetta Stone, many people think of a giant stone with the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics on it. When asking newer generations, their  answer maybe that Rosetta Stone is a computer software program made to help people learn new languages.

This software program is used to teach people a language through engaging them verbally. It comes in around 30 different languages from  common American English and British English, to unique Urdu and Pashto. It can be purchased for use by individuals, for classrooms, and even businesses.

For individuals the software is best suited to be used on your computer, tablet, or even your smartphone for on-the-go learning. Many people who like to travel or are interested becoming multilingual, this is the program for you. It teaches the grammar and sentence structure of languages, vocabulary, pronunciation, and even has a feature that allows  you to talk back to hear if your pronunciation is correct. Having this program is much easier and convenient than having to attend a class. Even with classes, you are limited in the languages you may chose to learn. Rosetta Stone allows for a wide variety of languages.

If used in a classroom setting, this program can be useful for students who  prefer learning  more exotic languages. I know my high school offered the basic German, Spanish, and French language to be taught by traditional teachers. If a student had completed four or more years of one of these languages the student could then pursue taking courses in Mandarin Chinese. Mandarin was taught on computers with the Rosetta Stone program. A few of my friends had taken the course and said they truly did enjoy it and found it very interesting. It helped them learn a third language in a whole new way.

Many businesses now have workers  traveling all over the world. When traveling from place to place it is helpful to know the main language of the country you are in. Businesses can use this program to help educate their employees by making their travels easier and more successful in knowledge of the language spoken.

Rosetta Stone can be used by people of any age and at any point in their life. By being able to use it on tablets and smartphones it can be used just about anywhere as well. Languages are something that are always helpful and are never outdated. They are a valuable skill to have.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The Science Techbook

Many people know the Discovery Channel for its educational documentaries. Now, they are trying to use their technology to help students learn in a more inactive and life like experience. They have released a digital textbook called a "Science Techbook" that allows students to engage more in learning. It  helps students with different learning styles. Here is a link to see more about the Techbook.