Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The Future of Medical Care

Yes, virtual medicine is here.  It’s faster, available anywhere, and works well already at “Mercy Virtual":

Shared by: Michele Straube

Friday, March 9, 2018

The Future of Learning

The long list of objections to online learning is as such:   It’s dull, boring, too hard, not challenging, too simple, too confusing.  You’ll need a computer, tablet, or smartphone, and if you have got that, you’ll need WI-FI or a cable connection.  Also, isn't “real” learning  a “face-to-face” teaching experience?  Not to mention if you use an unconventional method, like online learning, you’d be all alone, unable to interact with your peers, as well as the teacher.

Any form of progress has always been a “new” way of dealing with things, say for example, changing from riding horses to riding in an automobile, or writing on papyrus with a feather to writing on paper with a pen, and now one can even dictate to Siri, and this machine will send the message out via email.  So …

Since we have the use of computers, tablets, iPhones, WI-FI and cable, we are able to communicate and interact electronically. This not only allows us to do so faster, but also more intensely, more direct, allowing for easy long-distance interplay and action.  Also, this includes learning.

Of Course we’ll need to adjust to these new ways, learn the basics of how to function on these new systems.  But, from what I see around the world, this is not difficult at all for most people but rather a breeze, maybe even fun.

Actually, I think that the age of learning electronically almost anything, anywhere, at any time of the user’s choice, has only just begun.  Anyone can search for and find suitable subject matters to study on the web.  When a student searches “ONLINE LEARNING” in Google, 354,000,000 results will come up in 0.48 seconds.  Thus, there is a lot more to learn online than anyone would be able to even view.  So, of course, the search would need to be specified.  I can assure you, “search and you shall find.”  You can begin your search right here, on this blogspot site, if you wish.  Enjoy!

Yet I think that the future of ONLINE Learning will become even more exciting, particularly with the use of VR = Virtual Reality.  Which means no more “book-learning” by studying text and more text, but by essentially watching movies and even being part of whatever subject matter is being presented.

Here are a few examples of what’s going on in this regard already:

How Virtual Reality is helping train new teachers:

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By: Win Straube