Sunday, March 10, 2019

Free Textbooks!

College students nowadays spend hundreds of dollars buying textbooks before a course. Students buy these expensive textbooks because either it's required for a course or they need it for reference. Unfortunately, there is no easy solution around this because if a book is required, then simply a student must buy it in order to complete the assignments in a class. On the other hand, if you are perhaps a self-learning student, there is a good list of free textbooks online at your discretion. 

Click here for the link to 200 Free Textbooks:

Above is an example of a free calculus III textbook. The interface may not be the prettiest, but if it means saving you $120 on a textbook, then it could be worth it. 

The development of the computer age was great for many reasons, including information/knowledge opening up to anyone regardless of economic status, as long as there is access to a computer. Unfortunately, too much information is now open to the world, and the distinction between false and true information has become blurred. I can guarantee that the textbooks on this site are "useful and insightful" knowledge, however, they are not accredited for a student trying to earn a degree. Sites with free texbooks shows how easy it is to find information in the technology world, but these cheap alternate methods usually don't lead to a degree.

Have fun diggin' through free textbooks!

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