Thursday, September 29, 2016

$150,000/ $160,000 offer towards your Stanford MBA Studies

Stanford Africa MBA Fellowship Program

Through their “Stanford Africa MBA Fellowship Program”,  Stanford Graduate School of Business (GSB) offers to pay the tuition and associated fees (approximately US $150,000) for citizens of African countries with financial hardships, who wish to obtain an MBA at Stanford. Under this program, Stanford is committed to award up to eight Stanford Africa MBA fellowships annually.

The catch is, within two years of graduation from Stanford, fellows of this program are required to return to Africa to work for at least two years in a professional role. This role must contribute to the continent’s development. For more details on the Stanford Africa MBA Fellowship Program, click here.

Stanford USA MBA Fellowship Program

Following the successful Stanford Africa MBA Fellowship model, Stanford GSB has initiated its Stanford USA MBA Fellowship Program. This program will cover tuition and associated fees for up to three  new students in next year’s  MBA class. The fellowship,  which is worth up to $160,000  for the two year MBA program, is for U.S. citizens and permanent residents who qualify for need-based financial aid. This program is  committed to economic development in underserved regions of the United States.  However, in its first round, the Stanford USA MBA Fellowship targets the Midwest. Canidadtes must show strong connections with at least one state in the area which includes Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, and Wisconsin.

Within two years of graduating from Stanford, fellows of this program agree to work in the Midwest for two years. For more details on the Stanford USA MBA Fellowship Program, click here.

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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Tuition-free education in the US

A recent BBC article by Zoe Thomas ( has explored whether free university tuition would work in the US.  In the meanwhile has provided a description (summarized below) of eight US colleges where students are already attending colleges at no cost ( ).

8) College of the Ozarks:  A Christian college in the Midwest. This College offers bachelor degree programs for different fields of study – from accounting to culinary arts. This college provides free tuition for the 1,400 students attending yearly, but students must work at least 15 hrs/wk and two 40-hour work weeks through their campus jobs.

7) Deep Springs College:  A male-only school located in California’s High Desert, admitting 15 students a year, providing a 2-year high quality education in liberal arts. Every student receives about $50,000 annually plus free room and board, and, in return, must work at least 20 hrs/wk on the college’s cattle ranch and alfalfa farm. 

6) Alice Lloyd College:  A private college in Pippa Passes, Kentucky, specializing in liberal arts  and offering bachelor degrees in science, arts, and other specialties. Students must work 10 hrs/wk  for free tuition, or 15 hrs/wk for free tuition and boarding. 

5) Berea College:  A Christian faith based college, founded by abolitionists and reformers in the 1800s.  Students work at least 10 hrs/wk for free tuition.  This college is able to provide students with full tuition coverage up to $24,500 each year along with a $4,000 Labor Grant. 

4) Curtis Institute of Music:  One of the most eminent performance arts schools in the U.S. This college enrolls  only 165 students each year, allowing students to have a one-on-one training with esteemed, musical professionals.  Donation and endowment revenues enable the institute to award their students with a stress-free gift of a lifetime.

3) Barclay College: A college that prepares students for a life of serving and leading a Christian lifestyle, offering degree programs from Youth Ministry to Christian Elementary Education.  Every student admitted is rewarded with a full scholarship but must reside on the college campus.

2) United States Academies:  Military, Naval, Coast Guard, Merchant Marine, and US Air Force Academies all offer top notch educations with selective admissions.  Students are guaranteed a career in a branch of the US military upon graduation. The minimum terms of duty are usually 5 years of  active duty, and 3 years reserve duty.

1) Webb Institute:  A highly accredited institute specializing in marine engineering and naval constructions, with around 80 undergraduate students each year.  The institute offers a full 4-year scholarship to their students, and provides  job placement for 100% of their student graduates. 

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Friday, September 9, 2016

Information on Free or Low-cost Education

In some parts of the world, the rising cost of education is an issue of major concern.  In particular, a article has labelled the high costs of college in the U.S. as “crazy.” On the other hand, there are some who are working hard to address this issue, attempting to offer free or  low-cost education to as many people as possible.

Tuition-Free studies in Europe

A scholars4dev article at

lists the “top 5 countries where you can study for free in 2016” as Finland, Austria, Norway, Germany, and Sweden.  For each country, the article also provides some relevant information such as a list of institutions for higher learning, a list of scholarships offered, and school fee levels where fees are charged.

Online Tuition-Free Universities

The scholars4dev article briefly describes the University of the People, the first university offering online degrees/courses at no cost; and it also provides a list of universities around the world that are now also offering free online courses.


Furthermore, the scholars4dev article also provides numerous helpful links such as links to lists of universities around the world that provide scholarships for international students.

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