Thursday, January 28, 2021

More Coronavirus, More Edutainment Resources


Early on in the pandemic, I shared a variety of resources for keeping your mind engaged while quarantined at home:  March 22 (no need to be bored), March 30 (virtual travel), April 6 (for kids of all ages), April 13 (exercise at home), April 20 (virtual mindfulness).


Here we are, almost a year later (yikes!), and vaccination-for-all is starting to be visible ahead at the end of the tunnel.  As a community, however, we are still not past the need for physical distancing and continued isolation.  And, in the intervening months since my first posts, even more edutainment material has been made available.  Indeed, edutainment may become the post-pandemic norm.


Here is a list of additional ways to learn and be entertained while watching a screen (some are free, some not):


·      Arts and culture

o   Opera Philadelphia streaming

o   Metropolitan Opera on demand

o   British National Theatre live performances

o   London Royal Opera House streaming

o   Georgia O’Keeffe online museum

o   Globe Theatre Shakespeare productions


·      Nature and wildlife

o   Aquarium livestreams

o   African wildlife livecams

o   Discover Wildlife livestreams

o   US national park livecams

o   San Diego zoo livecam


·      Fitness

o   How Covid-19 has permanently changed the fitness industry

o   15 of the best free workout apps

o   Yoga for beginners

o   7 Minute Workout

o   Yoga with Adriene


·      Mindfulness

o   eMindful (link is specific to our readers)

o   Music and mindfulness

o   Stop, Breathe & Think

o   10% Happier

o   UCLA Mindful


·      Brain training games

o   BrainHQ

o   Lumosity


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