Sunday, March 22, 2020

Coronavirus Have You Self-Isolating at Home? No Need to Be Bored

There are so many online educational resources being made available during this time of coronavirus, and they possibly may only be available for free right now.  So we’re compressing our blog posting schedule to make sure you have access to this incredible material.  What follows is just a random list of things that have come across my inbox or social media feed in the past week.  Feel free to email me here with additional resources you’re aware of, and we’ll post them in a future blog.

School children stuck at home

Reading matter


Music / Films / Shows
·      Musicians are performing concerts in their homes (available on Instagram)

·      Nike training club
·      Wakeout!

Adult continuing education classes
·      The Science of Wellbeing (Yale U’s most popular class ever
·      Basics of coding (7 different courses recommended by Bill Gates)

Just plain fun
·      Lunch doodles with Mo Williams (sponsored by Kennedy Center for Performing Arts)

And finally, up-to-date information about coronavirus cases:

What would we do without the internet?!  And the creativity and generosity of all these content contributors?  So much to be grateful for …

Stay safe, readers.  Wash hands, practice physical distance from others, avoid groups, practice self-isolation if you’re exhibiting any symptoms.


Jennifer Caswell said...

Thank you for this extensive well organized list. There truly is something for everyone here. It's nice to see how many people are reaching out to help others get through this time. From a Cold Play living room concert to's long list of free titles. There truly is no reason to be bored at home. Let's be responsible and stay home!

Unknown said...

Thank you so much! This is an absolutely fantastic summary of what is available. The kids and
> I have actually tried a few - the Mo Willems doodles, the Dan Gutman live
> reads and the Cincinnati Zoo - these have all been great fun. But now with
> this list I am excited to try some others!

Amit said...

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