Sunday, May 10, 2020

More Free Online Edutainment Resources – The Bounty Never Stops

When the coronavirus first began claiming the world’s attention, I wondered whether the increased exposure to online learning would create new habits that outlive the pandemic. 

In multiple blog posts since then, I’ve shared edutainment resources that have been made available for free during the time of coronavirus.  The time of pandemic continues to provide valuable online resources for free use during these days of shelter-in-place and physical distancing.  Here’s a sampling of what’s come to my attention over the past few weeks:

Coursera Workforce Recovery Initiative:  Coursera is offering 3800 of their courses and 400 specializations for free to all levels of government to help their unemployed residents re-train and gain meaningful employment.  Enrollment is open until 9/30/20 (government agency has to enter into agreement with Coursera, Coursera then makes courses available); learners need to complete the courses by 12/31/20.

Udacity is offering free online re-training programs for one month:  data science, programming, artificial intelligence, autonomous systems, cloud computing, business..

Robot tours of museums:  The first museum to offer this is Hastings Contemporary Museum (Hastings Old Town, Sussex, England), but maybe it will catch on elsewhere.

Read books for free from multiple sources:
·      Check your local library for their e-book selection
·      Google books
·      Project Gutenberg
·      Librivox audio books

Open Culture:  1,150 free movies, including great classics and multiple genres

Vienna State Opera:  free performances of full operas, streamed one per day

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater:  past performances available to stream online

Cirque du Soleil:  60-minute videos from past performances, special content videos, videos just for kids

When you’re not indoors bingeing on all the free online content, please wear a mask and wash your hands often.


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