Sunday, November 20, 2016

The Big List: 153 Places To Educate Yourself Online at No Cost

Marc and Angel Chernoff are truly amazing people who share a great passion for inspiring others to live to their fullest potential. They have shared over 800 self-improvement articles on the internet, with regard to education, Marc has compiled a list of places on the internet where anyone can educate himself or herself for free – 153 websites altogether, divided into 13 sections as follows:

·         Science and Health (21 websites)
·         Business and Money (12 websites)
·         History and World Culture (14 websites)
·         Law (10 websites)
·         Computer Science and Engineering (13 websites)
·         Mathematics (9 websites)
·         English and Communications (8 websites)
·         Foreign and Sign Languages (6 websites)
·         Multiple Subjects and Miscellaneous (19 websites)
·         Free Books and Reading Recommendations (20 websites)
·         Educational Mainstream Broadcast Media (9 websites)
·         Online Archives (8 websites)
·         Directories of Open Education (4 websites)

Those who have viewed Marc’s list referred to it as “great, super, very useful and helpful, fantastic,brilliant, priceless, invaluable,absolutely amazing,” etc.  A viewer wrote that Marc now has no need to do another good deed for humanity as his “list” has got him covered.  Another viewer commented that the currently available options for free education leaves us with no excuse to remain ignorant. To view and explore Marc’s list, please click here.

Posted by Dr. Nat Tuivavalagi 

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