Wednesday, November 9, 2016

“No Excuse List” – A website that composes lists offering free education

“No Excuse List” suggests that anybody with internet access has no excuse for remaining unskilled or for not having any academic training.

The “No Excuse List” website is a doorway that leads online explorers to other doors offering free education.

The various sections of the “No Excuse List” include:

·         Academics – List of twenty (20) websites covering a great number of courses offered by various universities, colleges, and other institutions
·         Art – ten (10) websites
·         Computer Programming / WebDev – ten (10) websites
·         Cooking – eight (8) websites
·         eBooks – eight (8) websites
·         How To + DIY – eight (8) websites
·         Languages – eight websites
·         Music – seven (7) websites
·         Other – seven (7) websites

To explore the “No Excuse List” and confirm that you really do not have any excuse, please click here.

Link to University of Reddit (not your usual university), under Academics section of the “No Excuse List”, may not be working. Please enter University of Reddit by clicking here.

Posted by Dr. Nat Tuivavalagi

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