Wednesday, August 10, 2016

"The Web's Most Extensive Mathematics Resource"- Wolfram Mathworld

For many  high school and college students, the turning of August means school is right around the corner. A fairly common subject, such as Mathematics always has summer work. I was searching the web for helpful sites that will provide great information regarding mathematics. I wanted a site that could help younger children and  first year college students. When a certain site claims to be the most extensive for information on a subject, it may not always be believable, so I browsed around Wolfram's site and it sure was extensive.

In the picture above, you can see on the right that there are the broad subjects of math such as algebra or calculus and analysis. Then if you click on calculus and analysis, you reach a folder page with many different subcategories. After reaching this page, click on calculus and you will find even more subcategories such as integrals or continuity. A good example of an explanation page is the jump discontinuity page (picture below). A good explanation alongside a graph is provided.
Wolfram not  only gives explanations every single math theory, it also has "Recreational Mathematics". This really is the category which applies math to everyday living. For example, kids that play baseball may find a baseball numerology page interesting. 

Wolfram MathWorld is definitely what they claim to be, an "...extensive mathematics resource. " However, I believe that it is much more than simply that. Not only does the site apply math to the world it also  bring fun to the subject. You'll find an "extensive" collection of game theories such as bowling here, for those interested! 

P.S. The bowling site gets really in depth and I dare y'all to look at it. Kudos if you can understand all of it!

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