Tuesday, August 30, 2016

42 US Free Coding School!

"42 US" may not be your typical school name, however it certainly isn't your typical school. An Ars Technica article expresses how this school operates and how it sets it apart from other coding schools. 42 US is a school located in Fremont, California and it selects students  based off an online logic test.  Other than this this logic test nothing else is required, not even a college or high school diploma. Even better, 42 US is a completely no cost school.

Students that are accepted into 42 US do not need any type of coding experience. They may learn the coding basics at this school and all work is completed within the 42 US computer lab. They also have an option to reside in the  dorms at no cost. What sets 42 US apart from other schools is the way it teaches its students. They do not have a professor lecturing the students in the front of the classroom, rather, they provide short videos and peer to peer learning.

Photo: Cyrus Farivar

The above picture is a tip you will find at 42 US. It is a great tip because it encourages self-learning. Students at 42 US are required to solve problems on their own,as they made be required to do  someday in the workforce. However, sometimes students do get stuck and they cannot figure out a solution to a problem. 42 US encourages a peer to ask another peer for assistance . This is  a great learning method because it teaches the students how to work together, a skill which coders must possess.

In addition to learning all the skills of simply, "coding", the ability to self-learn is also a skill. Learning how to self-learn is not as easy as learning to code. There is no tutorial or textbook on how to do so. Being able to self-learn takes practice and 42 US provides intensive practice to its students. Every great worker must have the ability to self learn, and to not have that ability before entering the workforce would make working much more difficult.

42 US is a premier coding school, yet it is  free of charge. It teaches coding, while at the same time teaching students how to cooperate and self learn. Both of which are very valuable skills to possess within the work field. Simply their educational philosophy  is a producer of great, productive workers and a leader of revolutionary teaching methods to other schools as well.

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