Sunday, July 10, 2016

Wyzant History Lessons!

Wyzant  is definitely one of the best tools for stacking up your knowledge of United States history from the 20th and 21st century! On this great website, you can find descriptions of many significant leaders and listen to raw audio of their speeches. You can easily find civil rights leaders such as Martin Luther King to  President Clinton.

The descriptions of each leader is rather extensive. For example, on President Reagan's page, it provides an overview from  his career of acting  to his president campaign to his death from Alzheimer's. After the description page there  is a page displaying one of his speeches given in 1964. Rather than just providing an audio feed, there is  a transcript  provided. In addition, a specific description for his speech is also provided above the transcript.

Some people don't like politicians, and that is totally fine on Wyzant! Rather than just having speeches of political leaders, they also display world class athletes. For example, they display Lou Gehrig's description and his speech regarding Lou Gehrig's disease. Without a doubt, Lou Gehrig is a baseball legend and deserves a firm place within history books. Wyzant is a great educational resource, its history section is a great tool for young adults in school or simply folks with a desire to become more knowledgeable of history.


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