Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Democracy Web!

America seems like such a large continent that some may consider it another world. From the tropical climates of Florida and Hawaii to the deserts of the Southwest to the Frozen Tundras in Alaska, America seems to have every type of climate in the world. It is only fitting that the government which oversees the vast landscapes of America is just as complex and unique! Due to these reasons, many residing within the jurisdiction of the United States Government may forget about the rest of the world. It is important that young adults be educated on  government's overseas as well as the United States Government. It is important for people to understand and appreciate the freedoms that Americans enjoy relative to some nations around the world. Democracy Web is a useful online educational resource which provides information regarding freedom around the world.

Democracy Web, which links to Freedom House Organization, rates countries in terms of freedom using an extensive measuring tool. The two large categories that are part of the rating are political rights and civil liberties. Democracy Web nicely organizes all the freedom ratings by using a color code on a world map.

The rating scale that is used measures freedom from 1 to 7. 1 being the highest level of freedom while 7 being the lowest level of freedom. 

In addition to simply ratings on freedom, Democracy Web provides a study guide for rights in specific countries. Clicking on individual countries on the above map actually provides many historical and current resources for the user to understand the country's ideologies. 

Understanding governments and their ideologies is essential to anybody looking forward to contributing to humanity. People come from different paths of life  and it will only foster cooperation if  there is an understanding of different cultures. 

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