Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Interested in Science? Need Science help or ideas?

Science is a subject which is loved by many for its unpredictable and interesting results. For many, curiosity is the driving force for research and development in science. However, science is not always an easy subject to study. Many concepts must be understood and applied, in addition, many exceptions exist. Success in science requires much more than just memorization, it requires interest and willingness to indulge in a concept for an extended period of time.

A useful science webpage for junior high students, teachers, or simply enthusiasts is The Science Spot. The Science Spot offers classroom activities for 16 different fields of science. For example, chemistry, astronomy or ecology. These classroom activities are rather interesting. There is an activity for balancing chemical equations. The activity is called "Snowman Challenge Game" and students are asked to work in pairs to match equations using snowman cards. Everything for this activity is provided, even the snowman cards, free to print!

Another great feature of The Science Spot, is the "Science Starters". Simply, they are short PowerPoints created to "reinforce" the most important concepts of a topic.

These Science Starters are great because they are short and to the point. In addition, they require some thinking at first and if you can't figure the answer out there is an answer key on the next slide. Science Starters are provided for General Science, Physical Science, Biology, Earth Science/ Astronomy, and Forensic Science. So obviously, a wide variety of subjects are covered. 

The next feature of The Science Spot is called "Science Club". On this page, users will find different project ideas. For example, the classic egg drop experiment is suggested on this page. A description of the project is specified on a pdf file provided. In addition, they even provide a score sheet to make this experiment a competition. Science is fun, but when made into a friendly competition, it can be even more intriguing! 

The final important part of this website is its puzzles! Studying straight from a textbook is boring!

Like usual, many topics are featured by using these great puzzles. A few  examples are chemistry, physics and biology. These puzzles are important items that will be useful for high school students studying  any of these subjects at an introductory level. 

Science is fun and interesting. However, The Science Spot makes it competitive and interactive. An activity always benefits students more than a lecture. Teachers must face the facts that young adults have a short attention span and many student will not be able to absorb 100% of the information in a lecture. An activity which requires the student to perform a simple task will keep a student's attention. Even better, if the activity is a competition such as the "egg drop" experiment, then the students will be encouraged to win and perform their best! 

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