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The Exploratorium is a museum about science, art and human perception located in San Francisco. Annually, over 1 million visits are made to the Exploratorium! It is a very intriguing museum with many fun and exciting exhibits to educate the general public on science, art or human perception. However, I understand not everybody reading this blog lives within driving distance of San Francisco, which is why I am going to write about the Exploratorium's useful webpage!

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The great part about Exploratorium's website is that it does a great job of bringing a museum experience to the online user. They educate the user about many of the things which are also covered in the actual Exploratorium. Even better, using the online website is completely free of charge, unlike entering the museum which requires an admission ticket.

The Explore Section on the Webpage

In this section of the webpage, there are different websites, interactive activities and more.

One of the items in the explore section is  regarding tides on earth. It provides a short and clear explanation regarding the reasoning behind the cause of tides then provides a fun activity.  The activity is basically an instructions page regarding how you can build a paper model to better understand  tides. This is what makes this webpage stand out from all the others. Instead of a boring article, it provides a visual example for  visually learners.

There is a also a sub-section to explore named apps. In my opinion, this is where the website gets extremely cool. There is an app available for Androids called Total Solar Eclipse, so therefore, I downloaded the app on my phone and started playing around with it. They have cool videos on solar eclipses and they even did a live webcast in March during an eclipse with representatives from both NASA and the Exploratorium.

In addition, you can also search by categories. For example, I found a page about avalanches. The page features a video with a detailed explanation to how avalanches are triggered and provides a demonstration with sand.

The exploratorium is a great museum. However, it may not be accessible for all, so their amazing staff there decided to bring the experience online. This website provides a wide variety of educational resources. Best of all, many of these resources are backed by visual and audio resources, guaranteeing an education for learners of all types. 

Seriously, this webpage is interesting! Feel free to browse through and I guarantee you will learn something new!

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