Wednesday, December 10, 2014

This Will Revolutionize Education

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Anonymous said...

No doubt, generally, “… learning is best achieved in a social environment with other learners and a caring teacher.”

However, two provisos:

(1) Top learners I know, as well as outstanding geniuses known from history, say like Albert Einstein, did learn best, and a lot more than the rest, by themselves, actually avoiding the social environment.  It may very well be a Bell Curve which applies to those who need the social environment to help in their education.  So, to the majority of learners the “social environment” requirement will undoubtedly apply.  However not all.  And those who don’t need that comforting environment can be a lot better learners and THINKERS than the rest, or, on the other side of the Bell Curve, a lot worse.

(2) THE key prerequisite in whether and how the pupil is going to learn, even the WHAT to some extent, at least initially, is the PARENTS, or at least one parent, or a substitute parent, or a mentor, or a combination thereof, who open the eyes of their charges, provide initiative, direction, caring.  And that one is the truly essential and most important requirement.  Therefore, IMHO, the entire education world should spend a lot more effort and time in trying to create enabling and inspiring parents.