Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Scholly: The Educational App that Reduces Costs

By Sean Scarpiello

Currently, higher education costs are becoming more and more expensive, thereby causing students and their parents to be extremely frugal with their money. While many students are seeking out larger in-state universities with lower costs, others are searching for different scholarships. Many four year colleges offer scholarships, but for the most part, these scholarships do not cover all of the costs associated with higher education. To combat this, students and parents spend hours online searching for and applying to a number of different scholarships. Recently, however, there has been a new app that helps students and parents avoid the intense hunt for scholarships and reduce the stress that comes with it.

The app is called Scholly and is available in the App Store and on Google Play for 99 cents. The app works by collecting a student’s personal information in areas such as race, GPA, major, and more. Then, the app filters these factors through a database and gives students a list of scholarships that the student qualifies for. Many students would be surprised that there are a lot of scholarships available which often go undiscovered. This app is fantastic for today’s incoming college freshmen, as there is a huge number of scholarships being offered to this demographic. Scholly works especially well for this demographic of students often struggle to find few scholarships in which they qualify amid the sea of scholarships online. For students at any point in their undergraduate career, Scholly can save thousands of dollars if students simply pay the 99 cents, enter their demographic information, and apply to the list of scholarships in which they qualify.

In fact, even high school seniors looking into colleges could benefit from Scholly. By looking into available scholarships in high school, students may open themselves up to choosing to attend schools that they may prefer, but are pricier. Plus, there are some scholarships that offer money for excelling in all sorts of different areas and doing almost anything, regardless of race, class, or GPA. One such scholarship that I have heard of was a $1,000 scholarship for college given to a couple that attends their high school senior prom in a dress and tuxedo made entirely out of duct tape. High school students who can prove that they spent their prom in duct tape simply receive a check in the mail to use towards college. On top of this odd scholarship, there are a lot more available. There are even some types of scholarships that run on a lottery system. One scholarship I applied for was a one where $1,000 are given out at random each week to whoever has their name chosen at random. While it is possible that you may never win the scholarship, there is no cost to enter your name into the drawing. Therefore, students have nothing to lose. Scholly connects students to these types of scholarships too, so if students want to reduce their costs, they can easily do so.

Overall, while it may seem that the 99 cent investment on “just another app” may be a waste of money, Scholly can pay off big time for many students. While there are a lot of different scholarships available online, many students don’t have the time to search through all of them looking for the few that they qualify for. Scholly, on the other hand, makes this job simple and available at your fingertips instantly. In all, Scholly will definitely succeed in reducing the cost of education for many students, all through its innovative use of technology.

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