Saturday, August 10, 2013

How LearnFlow is Addressing the Problems of the Education Field

By Sean Scarpiello

I recently received an email from one of the co-founders of LearnFlow discussing some of the problems that they see in the field of education and how LearnFlow is working to end these problems. The issue that LearnFlow has addressed and is working towards fixing is the lack of practical working skills among many graduates. This does not only mean that students who graduate high school are lacking the skills necessary to succeed in the working world, but also many college and graduate level students. While these types of problems continue to exist in the field of education, there are few measures done to rectify this problem, so I am happy to see that start-ups such as LearnFlow are in place to help.

To address this problem further, I myself have seen these issues exist within the education field. As my friends and I prepare to graduate college and enter the working world, not one of us has any real marketable skills. While we know how to critically think, write papers, and pass exams, working for a company requires few of these academic skills on a daily basis. Instead, my peers and I may enter jobs and struggle during our first few months of working to figure out how to succeed in our positions. Even in the stereotypical jobs of working in an office or in a cubical, there are many tasks that college and graduate level students are unfamiliar with. For example, simple tasks such as developing business contracts, negotiating techniques, and organizing business functions are new to many graduates. For many high school graduates who directly enter the workforce, this can be difficult as well. For this reason, I respect and support many of the students who enter technical schools after high school. While entering a technical school to train to be a plumber, mechanic, electrician, or chef often comes with a negative stigma, technical students who have been working in the real world have much more practical experience and skills than fresh college graduates. Beyond this, they can still do well for themselves financially as society will always need to have these occupations filled.

In light of all of this, the start-up LearnFlow is aiming at eliminating this problem which is largely unaddressed in the field of education. After a quick visit to LearnFlow’s website, it is clear that LearnFlow offers students many different types of programs to correct these issues. For example, there are programs for MBA candidates, engineering projects, and industrial and technology workshops. There are even programs directed towards educational institutions that instruct colleges how to teach their students in ways in which their students are more likely to succeed in their careers. Plus, there are lessons that guide students through certification programs. This type of instruction can definitely help out students looking to work in fields such as healthcare or social work where there is a complicated certification track to complete before beginning to work.

Overall, I am happy to see that there are people who are addressing the problem of inexperienced and unprepared graduates entering the workforce. By working to rectify these problems, I believe that there will be many more graduates who will be more apt to succeed in their jobs. Whether this is for students working in an office with a computer or telephone all day, or students training to become EMTs, nurses, or technicians in a hospital, the success of these workers will mean success for us all, so I feel LearnFlow will be extremely beneficial to many graduates.



Karthik Ragubathy said...

Hi Sean,

Karthik here from LearnFlow. I am glad my Listserve mail found you and you wrote this blog post.

I was searching for results on our name and stumbled on this!

Nothing gives us more happiness than seeing someone acknowledge the importance of what we are doing!

Good work with this blog, Keep it up!

Alisandra Wederich said...

Hello Karthik,

Alisandra from the Straube Foundation here! We're so glad that you saw our blog post in response to your Listserve mail!

We're always looking for guest writers to give us a behind-the-scenes scoop on the industry and what you or your company is specifically doing. If you'd be interested in writing a follow-up guest post about LearnFlow, we'd be happy to have you! Let me know, and I'll send you an invitation!

Thank you for all your hard work on LearnFlow.