Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Apple has it Right in One to One Learning

Really, the easiest and surest way to LEARN is from teacher to student in a One to One session. Expensive? Not at all! Apple Computer provides a good example for what can be done in this regard: 52 one hour lessons, if you wish, at approximately US$1.90 per One-to-One, face-to-face, in person lesson. An excellent example of most effective teaching in the 21st century, hopefully an example to be followed not only by industry, but especially educational institutions at all levels. This is what Apple says on its website regarding the One to One teaching program:

Sometimes it’s easier to learn with the help of a real person. With over 200 locations worldwide, Apple Retail Stores are your source for personal training, free group workshops, and expert advice.

Learn more, and learn faster, with One to One personal training sessions. ... trainers - experts in all things Apple - will create a program customized to your interests and skill level. Learn more ... and learn it faster ...

Topics taught include • Getting Started • Mac 101 • iPhone • iPod + iTunes • Digital Photos • Moviemaking • Musicmaking • Websites • Podcasts • Presentations • Productivity • Open Project

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