Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Out of 4,357,820 articles and books-- This is the ONE!

The Free Library by Farlex with 4,357,820 articles and books recommends Win Straube's

QGE = A: Quality Generic Education is the Answer

by University Press of America to all library education shelves for the following reasons:

Education is more than just a seasonal political football for aspiring politicians. It is the foundation for a prosperous, free and democratic nation. A new education system for obtaining the best education at the lowest possible cost--"QGE = A: Quality Generic Education is the Answer" is a proposition for a revolutionary new way to educate our children. Author Win Straube has quite the mind for new solutions as an inventor, scientist, and engineer, to connect everyone to the best educators for any given subject in the world. "QGE = A: Quality Generic Education is the Answer" is something that all educators should read and consider and carries our highest recommendations to community library education shelves.

Link to the Free Library:

ahref="http://www.thefreelibrary.com/QGE+=+A:+Quality+Generic+Education+is+the+Answer.-a0178795995">QGE = A: Quality Generic Education is the Answer.

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