Saturday, August 15, 2020

Back-to-School Online Resources in Continued Times of Coronavirus

It’s getting time for schools to reopen, with each school district and higher education institution taking a different approach in these continued times of Covid-19.  Some are starting the school year with in-person classes, some are doing all instruction online, some are doing a hybrid.  Even those schools starting in person may end up going online at a moment’s notice (see, e.g., what happened the first day of school in a county outside Atlanta, Georgia after a child tested positive).

Here are a few back-to-school resources we’ve recently collected:

·      Smithsonian museums streaming individual programs, multi-part courses, studio arts classes, and virtual study tours inspired by their research, collections and exhibitions.

·      Financial assistance resources for special needs students during online learning.

·      Supplement distance learning from traditional K-12 schools with student- and subject-specific targeted learning programs.  Khan Academy is one source for such content, free of charge in many cases.

·      On Call Tutoring offers STEM tutoring online for high school students and college undergrads.  Sample lesson available here.  They are fundraising to offer their services to low-income students.

·      Over 450 college courses from Harvard and other top-ranking schools are available for free.

·      Do some brain training, helping your brain learn how to learn.

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