Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Happiness U...Wait what?

Recently, Win Straube made an interesting suggestion regarding a school located in Honolulu, Hawaii that educates its students on non-traditional academic topics. Their mission is to, "teach that which was not taught in a traditional classroom about how to live a heart-centered life". In addition to this, they want to teach their students that finding happiness is completely within their control by accepting life. To find their full mission statement, click here.

Happiness U offers both online and in-person courses, so don't worry if you're not based in Hawaii! Below is a short overview of some of the online courses that they provide.

Click here to view online courses.

I did actually find a few especially interesting classes at Happiness U, such as: 
  • Western Astrology and Chinese Astrology Combined!
  • Life Purpose 101
  • Healthy Money Mindset 101  
Click here for a full menu of classes offered at Happiness U.

I do believe that these classes are important to both full-time students and those who are already working full-time. You've heard it a million times, but life really is about finding a balance. Too much work and too little life management can lead to negative mindsets and fatigue. On the other hand, too much leisure and too little work can also lead to anxiety and stress. I hope that with this post, readers can utilize this excellent tool to find balance and happiness!

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