Thursday, January 10, 2019

Code Academy

What is a skill that is valuable for all STEM majors in 2019? Coding. Getting every bit of coding skill/experience is important in convincing your next interviewee to hire you. Nowadays, there are many different languages for coding, however, they all have similar basic skills. In universities, computer languages such as Matlab and C++ are being taught because schools realize that their students will benefit tremendously from these skills. However, education at universities nowadays is costly and is not affordable for everyone. 

My goal in this blog is to help you, the reader, to find cheap (or even free!) online education resources, that could perhaps model a college experience. Codeacademy is an excellent online resource for coding. You even get a free trial for the first 7 days!

In my opinion, the user interface is quite friendly and very suitable for a beginner. 

What makes Codeacademy such a great resource is because it provides hands-on experience alongside instruction. Coding is like learning any skill in life. It takes time and it takes practice. Would a skater be able to learn moves by only watching others? Would a basketball player be able to make free throws by just being told how to shoot a ball? They must first practice by doing, and this is the type of learning Codeacademy promotes.

Using the next bars on the bottom of the page, Codeacademy provides you with additional tasks to code. In addition to this, there are also many different courses that Codeacademy provides. Since I have a very limited skillset in coding, I was put in the most basic coding lesson. However, when you first sign-up for Codeacademy, they will provide you with a short questionnaire regarding your coding skills, then proceed to place you in the most suitable lessons. 

In addition to the lessons Codeacademy provides, there is also a community in which can provide specific support and learning. Overall, this is a fabulous low-cost resource for acquiring a skill that is simply too valuable nowadays.


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