Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Researching and Comparing Different Schools with Discover Business

Are you looking to work with money one day as an occupation? According to Pew Research Center, "among millennials ages 25 to 32, median annual earnings for full-time working college-degree holders are $17,500 greater than for those with high school diplomas only" (U.S News). Based on this, it is quite fair to say that a college education quite important and has almost become mandatory to enter the upper-middle class (where the upper-middle class is located is up to the discretion of your opinion). People who work with money are not an exception to this case. Having a tertiary education does not hurt and in fact, it is the best investment any person can make today. 

So college is important... now what?

Having gone through the modern-day process of selecting schools and then applying, I can definitely share a bit of information. Choosing a college is difficult nowadays because there are so many selections. Simply googling a list with college rankings is actually quite counterproductive. A list with rankings is simply the opinion of either a single editor or a group of editors. Their interests may not exactly fit your interests and what's best in their opinion may not be what's best for you. Selecting the best college you can go to is a long process with many, many variables to consider. For students looking to work with money, there is a dandy tool called Discover Business to organize facts about each school for you. 

On the website, there is an explanation for each business major and why it may be beneficiary for you to pursue a career in that field. 

Another useful tool they provide is a table with facts of each school offering business degrees. These facts are important to consider before attending a school because it is important to understand the expectations of how much the college can provide for you after graduation. 

Lastly, the feature above narrows down the specific school for a specific field in business. 

Obviously, the prestigiousness of the school is important. However, this is only half of the pie in terms of determining which school to attend. I highly recommend students to use this resource to create a list of schools they would like to visit/tour in person. The tools will always be available online and it is important to use it but NOT rely 100% on it. 

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