Friday, July 20, 2018


Apples GarageBand has been updated for Macs and iOS devices.
And now, the video lessons are FREE in this latest update.

I know of at least three, well-known, Hawaiian professional performers who build their own backup band, both Composing and Performing onstage with GarageBand plugging their laptop into the sound system.
Over the years GarageBand has attracted many famous performers/musicians/singers/composers to contribute features to the GarageBand software.  Many of the loops are by your favorite musicians/performers.

Compose new music. Transpose for other instruments. Create NEW music.  Build your Podcast using audio/midi hardware you already own. 
Apple's Garage band can add instrumental accompaniment to your otherwise solo performance.  
Many professional singers and instrumental soloists use GarageBand to add an unseen Band backup.

Here is the Announcement from about the cost-free Artist Lessons just released in the newest GarageBand update:

Added information:
History of Appleʻs GarageBand

The current version of GarageBand for Macs and iOS.

Donʻt have a Mac or iOS device?  Hereʻs your intro to GarageBand for your PC:

Or, Google ʻGarageBand for PCʻ for other 3rd party solutions for getting Apples GarageBand onto your PC.

If you are a new or practicing musician/singer, and you arenʻt using GarageBand, you should take a hard look at this software.

By: Bill Martin

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