Sunday, June 10, 2018

Let's be Innovative! InsertLearning!

As a student, I have always appreciated the teachers that tried their best in being innovative in the classroom with technology. Even though deviation from traditional methods of education may be difficult for the more experienced teachers, I strongly recommend it. In my opinion, having the ability to adapt is the strongest trait for any teacher. The purpose of this blog today is to back up a May 10th posting about "Flipping the Classroom". Well... What do I mean by backing up that posting? Simply, I wanted to share an excellent online tool for educators to utilize in their everyday class preparation. This online tool I am about to share backs up the theory mentioned in the "Flipping the Classroom" posting. 

Insert this into your repertoire of online educational tools: InsertLearning 

This tool is actually quite simple to use and it should save any educator a great deal of time in terms of class preparation. How this tool works is that if a teacher sees an article online that he/she finds worthwhile to share as an educational tool, then he/she can immediately create a worksheet on the spot! 

The most exciting part of using this online tool is that any educator can use this tool free of charge! All that is required is the Chrome browser to be installed. This tool is an extension of the Chrome browser and can be found on the Chrome Web Store or directly from the InsertLearning webpage.

Have fun exploring this new tool!!!

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