Monday, January 22, 2018

The Best Online Colleges of 2018

As online education grows so do the educational institutes that offer online programs. This article talks about The Best Online Colleges of 2018.

The number 1 college for online education is University of Florida. This school offers 200 online courses at affordable tuition. Not only does this school offer Bachelor's degrees but online Master's degrees are also offered. Some of the programs offered to achieve a Master's Degree are: business management, art education. educational leadership, etc. Some of the Bachelor's degree programs offered are:  biology, criminology and geography. This university also offers virtual job fairs. Who could ask for anything more. To be able to receive an education from the comfort of your own home and then have an online interview is priceless. The graduation rate is 87%

The number 2 college for online education is University of Central Florida. This establishment opened its doors in 1963. This university is the largest school in the country offering secondary education. The university now serves around 63,000 students, some of which are online students. The university's Distance Through Learning program brings in those who would like to receive an online education.  The professors who teach the students on campus are the same ones teaching an online student. This makes the online student feel no different from the standard college student, as they receive the same education.  The university features 18 online Bachelor's Degree programs and 24 Master's Degree programs. The graduation rate is 67%.

The number 3 college for online education is Northeastern University. This university began college education in 1898. Their global network is not only in Boston but has satellite campuses around the United States. They offer 10 Bachelor's programs and 37 Master's programs. The school also holds partnerships with education and research facilities throughout 150 countries. This school has an 87% graduation rate.

These are just three of the 50 best online colleges of 2018. For more information please visit

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