Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Dave Cormier’s Way: More Tips on How to be Successful in a MOOC

·         MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) includes being “open;”
·         This should also involve being “open” to different ways of success.

Dave Cormier:
·         Coined the term “MOOC” in 2008(2);
·         Is an educational activist;
·         Is a Researcher;
·         Is an online community advocate, and;
·         The Project Lead for Student Relations Management at the University of Prince Edward Island.

·          How do you move forward after registering for an MOOC (e.g. “Thingamajigits”)
·         Cormier’s way of success involves five steps: 1) Orient 2) Declare 3) Network 4) Cluster and 5) Focus.

(1)    Orient Yourself
·         Find location of course materials. Gather them or bookmark them:
o   Where are the course materials?
o   Where are the links that you will need every week?
o   What  times are the live sessions?
·         You don’t have to cover every piece of course material but the more you cover, the more you can be involved in course discussion, and other course activities.

(2)    Declare Yourself
·         You will need to have a place to gather and declare your thoughts and reflections.
·         For this, you may start a blog or use the discussion forum that is part of the course.

(3)    Network
·         Identify people with similar interests and people to discuss your course work with;
·         Develop your network by exchanging information with people in your blog or forum;
·         Make online connections with these people by posting your comments on  your course material.

(4)    Cluster (Needed After a Few Weeks of Networking)
·         You don’t need to connect with everyone;
·         Find yourself a cluster of people with similar interests and passions;
·         Consider forming a community for continued networking – even after the course has been completed.

(5)    Focus
·         Half-way through your course, your mind may start to wander;
·         Ask yourself again for the real reason you are taking the course;
·         Draw on your Cluster to help you focus on achieving what you need to get out of your course.

Dave Cormier’s way of success requires more than just studying the course materials.  It involves being on top of the course components, and identifying and networking with other students who have a similar passion for your chosen course. Continued focus is also a large requirement.

·         To find your first (or next) MOOC, please click here.
·         To access Dave Cormier’s video (4 min 17 sec duration) where he explains his five steps for success, please click here.


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