Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Tuition-free education in the US

A recent BBC article by Zoe Thomas (http://www.bbc.com/news/business-36751075) has explored whether free university tuition would work in the US.  In the meanwhile bestcollegereviews.org has provided a description (summarized below) of eight US colleges where students are already attending colleges at no cost (http://www.bestcollegereviews.org/features/8-colleges-where-students-attend-for-free/ ).

8) College of the Ozarks:  A Christian college in the Midwest. This College offers bachelor degree programs for different fields of study – from accounting to culinary arts. This college provides free tuition for the 1,400 students attending yearly, but students must work at least 15 hrs/wk and two 40-hour work weeks through their campus jobs.

7) Deep Springs College:  A male-only school located in California’s High Desert, admitting 15 students a year, providing a 2-year high quality education in liberal arts. Every student receives about $50,000 annually plus free room and board, and, in return, must work at least 20 hrs/wk on the college’s cattle ranch and alfalfa farm. 

6) Alice Lloyd College:  A private college in Pippa Passes, Kentucky, specializing in liberal arts  and offering bachelor degrees in science, arts, and other specialties. Students must work 10 hrs/wk  for free tuition, or 15 hrs/wk for free tuition and boarding. 

5) Berea College:  A Christian faith based college, founded by abolitionists and reformers in the 1800s.  Students work at least 10 hrs/wk for free tuition.  This college is able to provide students with full tuition coverage up to $24,500 each year along with a $4,000 Labor Grant. 

4) Curtis Institute of Music:  One of the most eminent performance arts schools in the U.S. This college enrolls  only 165 students each year, allowing students to have a one-on-one training with esteemed, musical professionals.  Donation and endowment revenues enable the institute to award their students with a stress-free gift of a lifetime.

3) Barclay College: A college that prepares students for a life of serving and leading a Christian lifestyle, offering degree programs from Youth Ministry to Christian Elementary Education.  Every student admitted is rewarded with a full scholarship but must reside on the college campus.

2) United States Academies:  Military, Naval, Coast Guard, Merchant Marine, and US Air Force Academies all offer top notch educations with selective admissions.  Students are guaranteed a career in a branch of the US military upon graduation. The minimum terms of duty are usually 5 years of  active duty, and 3 years reserve duty.

1) Webb Institute:  A highly accredited institute specializing in marine engineering and naval constructions, with around 80 undergraduate students each year.  The institute offers a full 4-year scholarship to their students, and provides  job placement for 100% of their student graduates. 

Posted by Dr. Nat Tuivavalagi 

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