Monday, June 20, 2016

Merck PTE as a Chemistry Reference

Often students taking chemistry classes will find a variety of data is needed to solve a problem. A great all-in one reference for chemistry data is found in the Application Merck PTE. Merck PTE is available at no charge and can be downloaded on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

What is Merck PTE?

Merck PTE is essentially a three dimensional interactive periodic table. The periodic table is color coded for the type of element, such as Alkali metal or Halogens. Sliding your finger over each element pops up a window with the element's name, the original name (Greek, latin, etc...), and the atomic mass. This feature is  the simplest aspect of this App, but a very helpful one. If you click on an individual element, it provides three tabs of information, general, basic information, and discoverer.

In the tab labeled "general", information such as the designation, classification, group, period and relative atomic mass are provided. In addition, a brief summary of the element on where it is commonly found, and the element's daily uses are given.

In the "Basic Information" tab, there is more technical information given. (I know...I know it says "basic" but relative  to the general tab, it is more technical.) Information from electronegativity to ionization energy about the specific element is provided.

In the final tab labeled, "Discoverer" information about the year , the country  and the scientist which made the discovery is provided.

The three tabs above are the only tabs found inside an element on Merck's interactive periodic table. However, if you go on a side application tab from the periodic table, there are even more features.

The developers of this app  ranked all the properties of  the known elements. 

They created a molar mass calculator with elemental mass compositions.

They provided a glossary explaining many important chemistry terms and concepts.

You can filter the periodic table based on properties

Atomic Radius Chart

I strongly recommend both science enthusiasts and chemistry students to download this app because it is such a great all-in one tool! In addition it's a no cost app!

Have fun!

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