Saturday, February 20, 2016

A great study tool for anybody in Chemistry

This year I'm taking AP Chemistry in school and it is considered by many as one of the most difficult AP courses out there. Yesterday, I took the hardest test in chemistry all year regarding acids and bases. Sometimes, I can study for hours and hours by reading the textbook over and over again but still I struggle to understand the concepts.  I found a great non-profit website created by a high school teacher named Ken MacGillivray which provides free practice problems to assist me in my studies.

What chemistry topics are covered by the website?

The website covers most of the chemistry topics found on the AP exam. For example, there were acid base equilibrium questions which I utilized for my test yesterday. The syllabus is really actually based off the College Board.

Layout of the Webpage

For Chapter 14 regarding Acid Bases, it provides organized formula sheets to assist with memorization and also provides multiple practice quizzes and test.

Why Mr. Mac's website?

This website is great because it provides practice problems. I have found the practice problems that relate to my studies in school. It covers most of the topics on the test and provides practice without excessive redundancy. My favorite part about this website is that for every practice quiz or test, an answer key is provided. Also for several selected questions, there is work shown to provide the solution to the problem. Sometimes just looking at the answer key does not help me understand where I made a mistake so being able to see every step is a great benefit.

Above is an example of work shown in an answer key.

Low Cost Educational Resources online don't have to be a corporation

This website is evidence that low or non- profit cost of education is easier than ever to share or acquire through the internet. This specific website is intended for this teacher's classroom, however, with the internet anybody can share great resources for free. A website with a simple interface is totally fine as long as it is helpful and reliable. With the internet, you don't need corporation funding to help many people.

URL if you are interested!

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