Saturday, May 10, 2014

MindTap: A New Type of Online Learning Platform

By Sean Scarpiello

Cengage Learning is an online education technology company devoted to bringing education into classrooms in such a way that keeps students engaged in learning and collaborating with others. Among many of Cengage Learning’s different programs, there is a completely original application called MindTap. Many educational institutions across the country are now beginning to implement MindTap along with other Cengage Learning platforms. MindTap showed a lot of promise already - 88% of MindTap students would recommend using this platform to others.

MindTap is not a learning management system or an e-book. Instead, it is Cengage Learning’s comprehensive learning platform where students can access all of their course material at a single, organized site. MindTap is available for instructors to use and personalize for their class. Schools can purchase different courses in subject matter pertaining to just about any subject. Courses include economics, business, art, English, sociology, psychology, and more. Further, Cengage Learning offers even more online-based classes for grades K-12, as well as college level courses. For students, MindTap allows class material to be easy to navigate, highly organized, and makes learning fun. As it is a online learning technology, class material available on MindTap can be accessed anytime and anywhere with an Internet connection. MindTap really simplifies students’ lives in that it allows all of their course content to be available and easily accessible in one secure location.

MindTap is also easy to use for instructors. In fact, teachers are able to completely personalize their course content and availability on MindTap. This means they can add or remove any course material or modules that they would like. Further, teachers can add videos, links, quizzes, their own material, and much more. Should teachers run into problems with MindTap, there’s a lot of support quickly available to help teachers get their class back on track. Instructors are also able to share different online applications with their students through MindTap. These applications include flashcards and collaboration programs which allow students to be more engaged with class material and with each other. Last, and most importantly, MindTap courses are available at reasonable cost for schools.

Overall, Cengage Learning’s MindTap learning platform is sure to be a success as it brings together course content in a highly organized easily accessible manner. This also helps teachers provide a highly personalized education for their students in a way that is fun and engaging. MindTap is sure to be successful for students of all ages as it brings a high quality education at low costs to many students by utilizing technology.


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