Sunday, November 10, 2013

How Evernote is Revolutionizing Note-Taking

By Sean Scarpiello

As more and more educational apps are being put on the market today, none of them work quite like Evernote. This new educational based app is revolutionizing the way students are able to take notes in class. While this new app has fantastic applications outside of the classroom, Evernote truly shines in the classroom. The education app is available to students on all different devices, such as cell phones, tablets, and laptops for Windows, Mac or Android. Currently, Evernote is a free app, but users can pay to receive more memory for their data.

Evernote is so perfect for classrooms because of its ability to keep students and teachers organized. While the app has many great utilities, the coolest function is Evernote’s ability to easily archive notes. For instance, if a student can takes a photo of their notes and uploads it to Evernote, the app will translate the written text as if it were typed into a computer. Later on, students can simply run searches in Evernote for specific key terms which Evernote will highlight for students. This allows students to easily find and review specific parts of their notes relating to certain topics. As these notes are available on their phone, tablet, or laptop, students will always have a full copy of their notes for classes handy. This same function of Evernote does not need to be limited to class notes. Students can even take pictures of textbook passages, figures, graphs, homework assignments, and even confusing math problems worked out on a blackboard. Evernote can then organize all of this data in an easily accessible way. Along with this, Evernote can allow students to save scanned data on their accounts. Essentially, students can scan a worksheet for class, complete it on any of their devices and then email to their teacher, all through Evernote. This allows students to not only easily complete and turn in their homework, but also save a copy for themselves if there is a problem that they have later on or when studying for a test.

Another great benefit of Evernote is its ability to make research easier. By adding a free Google Chrome extension to the Evernote app, students can save entire webpages or parts of articles and pictures. They are then able to add other information about the “web clipping” and store it where it can easily be accessed. Students can even save the URLs of a webpage so they can return to it later. Through this, any sort of research project can easily be done on phones or tablets, then later pulled up on the computer. In fact, by using a web browser such as Google or Bing, students can pull up their saved “web clippings” from their Evernote account while searching the internet for related topics. Then, once this data is saved, students can effortlessly share all of their research with classmates or teachers.

In all, Evernote is an easy to use app that can keep even the most disorganized students in order. By utilizing its features that allow students to scan and store class notes, figures, websites, pictures, “web clippings,” and more, students can easily access all of their class material on any of their devices. This benefits students immensely as they can easily find the material that they are having trouble with in class and contact their teachers about these problems through this free app. Evernote’s share functions also allow students to share their work with classmates or turn in their assignments to their teachers instantly. Overall, Evernote is great because it is a no cost educational technology that helps students and teachers in and out of the classroom.

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