Monday, June 24, 2013

What do you do...?

Where was the mother? 
Out earning a living. 
Where was the Father? 
That is anybodies guess.

One of my 7th Grade 
team teachers got mad one day because there were 
few assignments turned in. 

 She had to leave the room, and when she went back, 
she asked the students to 
take their work home and 
get it signed. 

 A student raised his hand and 
said he 
would not see a parent that night. 

 When asked, 
10 of the 17 students 
would not see a parent before morning. 
Of those 10, 
7 were not sure when they would see a parent before the weekend.

  Some of them were the 
oldest child in the family and 
had to go home, 
cook food for other children and 
see to their homework and 
other needs. 

 We had 4 of these classes, while other students were in algebra, pre-algebra, band and honor choir. 34 or 35 kids, no parent. 
I didn't, 
know what to do. . . 

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