Monday, May 10, 2010

Three Game Changing Tools That Will Transform Education

By James Andrews

I'm blessed with the opportunity to send my children to a private school that uses both the community and many of the creative and technological tools possible to educate. There is no resource they are not afraid to use and I love them for it. I've seen them ask a parent with DJ skills to teach music curation or deploy an Iranian Grandparent to further explore the conflict in that region. The school my children attend has everything they need to be successful through leadership that thinks beyond limits or boundaries. This spirit transfers to our own home where my wife and I utilize a "surround sound" digital approach to compliment what my kids receive during the school day..

With this as a backdrop I am constantly thinking about non-traditional tools that I believe will have a significant impact on the future of education. Much like my own kids' school, I think about how to educate my children outside of the four traditional walls of a classroom. What's cool is that there's some great technology out there that allows for an expansion of the four walls of a traditional classroom. Here are three tools to consider:

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