Sunday, March 21, 2010

Follett Higher Education Group Announces Online Textbook Rental for Independent Bookstores

Newly signed partnership with BookRenter brings together state-of-the-art textbook rental technology with the world’s largest wholesaler of used and new college textbooks

Oak Brook, IL (PRWEB) March 15, 2010 -- Follett is launching two new college textbook rental programs for independent bookstores: an online affiliate program powered by BookRenter’s technology platform and an in-store rental support program.

By partnering with BookRenter, Follett becomes the nation’s first and only textbook wholesaler to offer rental through a customizable online storefront. Simple to implement, Follett’s online affiliate program provides students access to millions of rental titles, enhances bookstore competitiveness and adds to bookstore revenues - without adding operational complexities.

“Independently-managed college bookstores are seeking ways to stay competitive and better serve their customers,” said Thomas A. Christopher, President of Follett Higher Education Group. “Our unique rental offerings provide access to cutting-edge technology and Follett’s best-in-class resources to help students save millions of dollars on higher education costs.”

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