Wednesday, April 23, 2008

World Class Tai Chi Course

Here is an example of what easy learning and high quality teaching at minimal cost are all about:
Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese discipline of meditative movements practiced as a system of exercises. Gentle deliberate movements refresh the body, revitalize the spirit and clear the mind. Tai-Chi improves the blood circulation, strengthens the cardiovascular system, massages the internal organs and supplies the entire organism with life energy. For the mind, it teaches concentration and visualization techniques. Both a self-defense system and a moving meditation, Tai-Chi develops peace and harmony in its practitioners. Win's classical form of 150 movements is the ancient Chinese way to health and longevity. As a martial arts discipline, it is not only a physical but also a mental exercise, a prayer physically performed, a dance, and, very much like the Hawaiian Hula, it was originally performed by men in preparation for going into battle. Yet still today, Tai Chi Win prepares body and mind for successfully dealing with whatever is ahead. Practitioners are strengthened becoming nimble and calm.
Students from all over the world travel to Hawaii or New Jersey when Win Straube is in residence to study under his tutelage. His courses are free of charge. Anyone can join, putting body and mind into balance for a healthier, happier, stronger man, woman, or child.
Admission to classes is by application on first come first served basis. Applications are received at
DVD available from movie made for television in Hawaii, “Sunrise at Magic Island.”

Look at free 1.31 minute movie clip:
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Download of complete 53 minute version available from Amazon for US$1:
Reported by Ginger Gertsch in Honolulu, Tai Chi Win student.

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